Writing session on Dutch 'Wadden'-Island

Situated in the beautiful Dutch Waddenzee, known for its enormous variety of floral and animal species, lies the small island Ameland. This was the scenery for a writing session for Han Kooreneef with Dutch artist and TV-personality Ali B and successful author Memru Renjaan (known for Paris, the number one hit song recorded by Kenny B). Artists Brace and Kenny B. were also present at the luxurious villa which was especially rented for the occasion. 

New website

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Fully accessible from mobile and bi-langual in Dutch and English with social media integration. Please visit us regularly to keep up to date on the latest developments or follow us on social media. 

Sjors van der Panne releases new single

Han Kooreneef and Sjors van der Panne have started a successful collaboration, resulting in the release of "Hart van Steen" (Heart of Stone). The very first music release of theatrical artist Sjors van der Panne after his outstanding performances in The Voice of Holland last year, where he reached the finals. Holger Schwedt (well known for his work for big Dutch artists like Marco Borsato and VanVelzen) was responsible for the production of this beautiful little gem. Please click here to watch the video.