License Free Music

Are you looking for that special tailor-made piece of music for your TV-ad, motion picture or business presentation? Han Kooreneef is available to write, compose and produce your music for these purposes in a license free business model. You will find the section “Songbank” on this website, which was created especially for music publishers, advertising agencies, film producers and other creative professionals. In this section you will be able to listen to unsigned and unreleased music files to suit your needs. Please use the application form at the bottom of this page to request a personal login for this section.

 When you are interested in a tailor-made piece of music, you can also contact us through the application form at this page directly by sending an email to

Tailor made music

Please fill in the application form below for more information on tailor made, license-free music.

Han Kooreneef Productions will respond to your request within 14 business days regarding tailor made, license free music assignments. Han Kooreneef Productions reserves the right to turn your request down.